Deanna Griffin Dove

Graphic Designer, Charlottesville, VA

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Whether on the web or in print, your business is branded by well-defined visual representation. Good graphic design communicates a clear message through a careful combination of text and pictures. I've developed my eye and my heart to bring your message home with courage and conviction.


creative ideas

Jam. Soup. Stew. Mishmash. Sometimes an idea is easily communicated; sometimes it misses the mark, is confused or has some unintended associations. It's my pleasure to peel away ambiguities and excesses until an idea is strong, resonant and serviceable.

kinetic understanding

Pretty design is only the beginning. Understanding how people respond and interact to what they see is as important. My background has developed my sensitivity to physical responses and view behaviors. I'm interested in real concerns: how will your customer react? will they interact? is the design accomplishing your goals?

dedicated attention

Calendar, budget and many other constraints dictate how ideas get developed. Not a problem. Controls make sense. It's critical to stay on task and move forward without losing the fluidity of creative thinking. We'll meet mutual goals while I apply constraints to spur creativity. The final product shouldn't be good enough—it should deliver.

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Whether I manipulate subject matter in Photoshop or with a camera lens, any photo I use communicates more than what's visible. That's the tricky part, and the highly motivating part.

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print and web layout

Well categorized content is easier to absorb. Layout will positively impact the decisions a customer makes. My design skills format content so a reader is led into your story and finds your offer appealing.

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logo design & branding

Abstracting your identity, paring down the design and including synchronous meanings is only the beginning of logo design. Making it reproducible across media, scalable, and unforgettable—there's where we'll get results.

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Images should complement your content in both subject matter and style. Whimsical or serious, curvaceous or functional, you'll find me adept at delivering different styles of illustration.

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vector art

Vector graphics include simple line drawings (like the arrows on this page) or complex graphics. They are ideal for illustrating data, modeling when a photo won't do, and scaling from web to print.

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Do you need copywriting, hand-drawn illustrations, digital artwork, photo restoration, or typographic treatments? No problem.

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Driven to produce quality design, driven equally by your requirements, I bring a full complement of skills and knowledge to every project. Once and always a dancer, then choreographer, beadmaker, artist, and graphic designer, I've a unique mixture of left and right brain skills, of two and three dimensional aptitudes, and of still and motion-driven sensitivities. My definition of art is simple: it communicates with non-verbal vocabulary. Each of my career choices grew a sophisticated art vocabulary. I'm fully capable of bringing your vision to life.




Each phase begins and ends with client involvement and communication. You'll find me highly organized, deadline savvy and conscientious.


Before I begin, I make certain I understand the brief, or the creative goals and the challenges of your project. I listen to what is said, what is implied, find out who your customer is, and categorize your priorities. Developing the artistic vocabulary for your project coordinates your identity with your objectives.

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